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Started out at 11 years old with a great interest in electronics but dumb as a rock as to how it all worked . spent a lot of time in library’s and checking out books on the subject. Then on to taking classes in Jr high and high school. But the ARRL Armature radio handbook helped me the most with its down to earth explanations of all the different theory’s of it all. One teacher thought I was good and recommended me for a summer job with the audio visual department of the Glendale CA school district going to all the schools and checking out all the equipment at each one to get them ready for the next school season. This was not a real heavy job as far as electronics goes but guess the school district wanted a kid that at least knew a little. After graduating high school I went to work for GJM electronics and the put me to testing tape recording heads, these were custom made for special purposes like one we did was to monitor the heartbeat of an astronaut in his capsule Even got to work in the machine shop and run the milling machine and make a few heads. Got fired from this place cause the boss wanted me to fudge the head tests by just doubling the numbers on the list without actually making the test. So next I worked for Flexweld digital sensors in highland park just before I was drafted into the army. sorry I did not make the signal corps, that would have been better than getting shot at in Vietnam. After the army I continued my studies and got myself a ham radio license and just had a whole lot of fun doing it all. Here in Las Vegas I did work for Vegas Radio as a repairman for a couple years before they closed up shop. They sold and repaired CB and ham radio gear. These days am retired I build the AM transmitters, crystal radios and high end audio amps you see on my Ebay pages. Richard

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