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The Coronado A New Very Low Distortion EL34 SE amp.

About The Amp Front View

The Coronado is built on a heavy duty aluminum chassis and transformer end bells painted with very durable auto paint with a clear outer coating to give it that deep shine. this amp has channel volume controls so it could be used with sources that have no balance controls such as Ipods MP-3 players and such, for use with a pre-amp just turn them up high and adjust from there. Transformers are built by Eletra-Print audio. as much American parts were used as possible such as all carbon composition resistors and American capacitors the EL-34 tubes are Russian made the 12AT7 is American.

About The Amp Rear View

From left to right on off switch, power, right output, inputs, and left output.

Among all the amps out there this is the best one i have ever built. its very quiet with no sign of any noise or hiss even with the volume turned all the way up. on the test bench it looks very good with less than 1% distortion and scope waveform is very clean. I believe an amp is not an amp without honest test results because most of us can not really hear the difference between amps but for me i like to know if a musical instrument makes a weird noise that its that instrument and not distortion that caused it. This amp puts out 10 watts per channel and drives high Efficiency speakers very well, i use a 4 speaker stack here with 10" Rolas and has a sound like "You are there" at the concert. Am going to make a movie clip soon that will have the testing and use of this amp all in it to show first hand that this amp is what i say it is, With all the amps out there that make claims of what their distortion levels are how do you know they are being truthful? they use every audio hype word they can think of and personally i think they are just trying to sell amps and their readings are not truthful.

Rich Amps